Straight Pool Score Card v1.4 now available

Ever wanted to share with your friends how dominating you were on your last 14.1 game? With version 1.4 you can share game results in all the ways you’d set up on your iOS device: email, Facebook, Twitter, save as PDF, etc.

Now go play some, share your results, and spread the word about this game we love.


Straight Pool Score Card v1.2 now available

Version 1.2 is live in the App Store now! This version has some nice updates and will now work on Apple devices running iOS 9 or above.

Update: There has been reports of the app crashing with v1.2. It’s being investigated and a new version will be pushed out in the coming days.

Straight Pool Score Card v1.0 bugs

First, thanks to all who have tried v1.0 of the app! And even more thanks to those who have provided feedback and bug reports…

That being said, there are some immediate bugs we’re hoping to take care of soon, mainly tweaks to the UI. These will be resolved in the next update.

The other bigger bug is related to in-app purchases. You may notice that every time you launch the app it doesn’t “remember” your purchase. For now the workaround is to choose “Restore Purchase” (from the “i” info button) if that happens. Rest assured that if you had made a purchase it is still valid and can be restored in the app; please do not attempt to make another purchase.

Thank you for promoting the sport!