Straight Pool Score Card v1.8 now available

Version 1.8 is now on the App Store! Please update to get the latest enhancements and bug fixes. (Hint: sensitive slider, be gone!)


Straight Pool Score Card v1.7 now available

Version 1.7 is available in the App Store! Mainly minor bug fixes in this update. Also, now you can easily send feedback via email or write a review by clicking on the “i” (info) button. Thank you!

Straight Pool Score Card v1.4 now available

Ever wanted to share with your friends how dominating you were on your last 14.1 game? With version 1.4 you can share game results in all the ways you’d set up on your iOS device: email, Facebook, Twitter, save as PDF, etc.

Now go play some, share your results, and spread the word about this game we love.